Covid-19 maybe is stealing your free time, but the whole power it’s in your hands to try to past this hard situation in the best way it’s possible, that’s why I’m gonna recommend you six pretty good series. Are you ready?

I know these times are pretty hard for all of us, but we have to know that everything is gonna pass. We can do this, all together at home.

To be at home could make you nuts, but I’ll recommend to you five nice series you can watch, so this typical time could be a less traumatic.

   1-. You

The central topic of this series is “To Stalk”, with YOU we’re gonna put on the skin of a stalker, Joe do many things to be close of his beloved, and he can’t measure the consequences of his acts, because he’s losing his mind for “love” or that’s he wants to believe.

This series has two seasons, you must watch it, in that way your time could pass a little bit more faster.

2-. The Crown

The topic of this series is so atypical, this series tell us the story of Queen Isabel II, of the United Kingdom, it has two seasons, in it, we can observe the life of the queen since 1947 till our times, we’re gonna see personal intrigues, romance, and politic rivalries, its impressive content has pick into it’s pocket to the audience.

3-. Stranger things

If you want to freak out, and scream and feel strong emotions you must see this series, till now it has 3 seasons, the story is developt in the fictitious town of Hawkins, a little boy disappeared, and apparently a girl who has the give of telekinesis help his friends to find him.

4-. The witcher

It has one season, the witcher it’s very popular in the girls world, but seriously even if you don’t like men you can enjoy of this series, Geralt it’s a monster Hunter, He wants to find his place in a world where people could be even meaner than monsters.

5-. Love is blind

Love Is Blind is a dating reality television series, produced by Kinetic Content; The series has been compared to Married at First Sight, which was also produced by Kinetic Content, and The Bachelor. If you want to enjoy all the stranger things that the participants live, you’re gonna make some popcorn and wait, because every episode it’s charged with a lot more drama.

6-. Dark

It’s a thriller series, that show to the audience the disappearance of two kids and the links between four families, then this has unchained the whole past of a little town.

Don’t think so much about the critic situation, distract yourself, and keep in mind that if you take all the preventive measures you and all your loved ones persons are gonna be well. Life’s more important than getting out, or fun, but if you have Netflix, popcorn, and a lot of free time, you must watch these six series.

God Bless you all.