In this particular moment, Coronavirus is an invisible enemy, which is killing our economies, but it could inspire many movies and many series which will be good for the entertainment business.

Someday we’re going to wake up, and all this chaos will have disappeared; just imagine the number of movies and series that will be a product of this pandemic; humanity cannot forget this chapter of our story.

Those movies could talk about how terrible it’s not to hug your loving ones, could talk about hunger around the world, should talk about this major crisis of humanity, and how human beings are living with it. Like the Nazi period or World Wars, this pandemic could represent a goldmine metaphorically speaking.

I think it is pretty important to focus on life, health, and be thankful for what we have. Humanity must reach a state of kindness with the poor ones, and with the most helpless people, they are always the most affected; if we think clearly, many people don’t have food or money to survive this quarantine, if you knew someone who needs something you must help because someday could be you.

I know … at this moment you can’t even think on movies or series, but let’s face the reality, we can’t live without the entertainment business, I think that I’m not completely crazy or freak out because I have a lot of things to see, and a lot of music to be distracted of my own thoughts, and just like me, all of us are in the same position.

Obviously, we have a lot of information to learn, and books to read, and playlist to hear, but personally, frequently I want to see a movie, or I want to lay down and see my favorite series, and forget for a while about everything. And that’s why I`m pretty anxious about the newest productions that are yet to come.

I think that critical moments offer to us opportunities to achieve our goals. I’m pretty sure that many incredible people will achieve their dreams of producing with this situation; in my experience, a movie or a series could be well accepted if the spectators feel empathy with the topic and with the main characters, I know that this pandemic situation will inspire everybody to create wonderful content.

The giant Netflix is taking advantage of the chaos that the lock-down is producing in Hollywood, and is increasing the audience that every day sees its content. The King in the streaming services clearly is exploiting its popularity at today’s moment. They said that “Our list of series and films for 2020 is mostly filmed and is in remote post-production in locations around the world,” said content manager Ted Sarandos. “In fact, we are deep into our 2021 catalog, so we are not anticipating any movement.” We can see in the last paragraph the misfortune of some represents the opportunity for others.

I encourage to the entire population to be strong, and keep in mind all the health measures that we know, in our hands is the possibility of came back to the world, but not like before, instead of that, we have to be BETTER, with our mother nature, with us and with everybody.