Everything begins in China at the final of the year 2019 in Wuhan, this virus (and not just Covid-19) is pretty common in animals, and we know it can affect people, generally, with a moderate or severe respiratory tract disease, it could be confused with common flu, but this flu could transport you to the DEATH (BE CAREFULL, WASH YOUR HANDS FOR AT LEAST 30 SECONDS, AND TAKE ALL THE PREVENTION ADVICES THAT OUR GOVERNMENT AND WHO HAS GIVEN TO US)

This very severe pandemic has caused so many troubles in many areas like: Collapsing the Health system, transportation, production, real state business, and one of the most important business: the stock exchange… and all of these things affects directly to the economy of every country and the entire world, triggering in a terrible economic debacle.

The most impacted countries by this pandemic are China, Italy, Spain, and France, we don’t know the way this virus can take our immunological system until it touches it.

Without further ado, We’re gonna talk about Hollywood, and the multi-million dollar losses that Covid-19 has caused.

HOW CORONAVIRUS IS AFFECTING HOLLYWOODMany film premiers have to be postponed due to Coronavirus, also we have to add that at least 120.000 workers of the film industry have lost their jobs as a result of coronavirus shutdown, according to the US Entertainment Industry Union IATSE (International Alliance of The Theatrical Stage Employees).

Movie theaters and film festivals are closed around the world, Hollywood doesn’t have any movie premier, everything has ceased, in this industry all is Frozen (but not like the movie 😉😂 a little of black humor) we are in front of a great catastrophe in terms of losing money and lives (which is most important).

Movies like the lasted of James Bond, or Wonder Woman 1984, Marvel’s Black Widow, no time to die, Mulan, F9, and a Quiet place 2, have to be delayed from March to July. We are speaking about movies with a huge amount of fans, and with a large trajectory, keeping it in mind we have to think then in the smallest productions, which certainly could (or not) have a little budget for that production.

But the most important thing still the well-being and the health of people around the world, I’m pretty sure that if we are responsible enough we’re gonna get outta this together…

Hollywood is losing so much, it’s true, but if the industry doesn’t take care about people in the nearest future when all of this goes away, the big industry don’t gonna have those amazing fans of each story, and won’t have those amazing and dedicated people working for them, it’s important to stay at home and accomplish all the sanitary measures because in fact all of us are losing something, it could be traduce like: spending time with important people, go out and breath some pure and fresh air. But I’m sure that we’re gonna go back to our activities, but with a little more of consciousness, and we’re gonna appreciate a little bit more everything that Covid-19 stole to us for a few weeks.